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EC Bottom Washi Galactic Bundle Overlay Tapes
EC Bottom Washi Galactic Bundle Overlay Tapes
EC Bottom Washi Galactic Bundle Overlay Tapes
EC Bottom Washi Galactic Bundle Overlay Tapes
EC Bottom Washi Galactic Bundle Overlay Tapes

EC Bottom Washi Galactic Bundle Overlay Tapes

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-When I was still only a customer and not a seller yet, I was always amazed by how different shops created their own spin on the "galaxy" theme. There's something so very magical about our solar system, a mystery that will take an innumerable amount of years and dedicated research to reach new discoveries. This is one of the many reasons why I told myself that when I started Girl Boss Anna, a galaxy-themed limited edition would be my first special release! All the time and energy I spent putting into this project was well worth it because, well, LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES! They are absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to come out with MORE beautiful designs for my customers to incorporate into their planners!

-The Galactic Bundle includes 3 designs:
1. Crystal Rocks
2. Space Adventure
3. Night Sky

-Each bundle is either fully holographic foil, or fully shattered glass foil!

// -DETAILS- //

~Exclusively designed FOILED bottom washi overlay tapes! These are specifically designed for the Erin Condren planner, however can be creatively used in any planner of your choice! Foil options include shattered glass or holo!

~I created these foiled overlay tapes because I wanted create a cost-effective foiled item (because my love for foil is eternal) that could be used multiple times in planner spreads, and to share the love with all you planner bosses!

~These tapes are meant to be used as bottom washi tape overlays for planner spreads, but you can use them however you'd like! Overlay them on top of stickers, washi tapes, papers, and more! Perfect for any DIY project!

~Tapes are vinyl and not washi quality. They must be cut with cutting tools, like scissors or the slice tool.

~If you would like to see how I personally used them in my planner spreads, visit my YouTube channel or Instagram @girlbossanna !

~Dimensions: Total length = 5 meters; Height = 32 mm


~Processing time is 1-3 weeks. Once your order is shipped, it is out of my hands and I will not know how long it will take to arrive to you, as this is dependent on the Postal Service.


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~I do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges, however please do contact me if there is something wrong with your order. I strive for excellent customer satisfaction and will do my everything in my power to best accommodate your requests. Please give me 1-3 days to give you a response as I may be working behind the scenes to figure out a solution first.


~Instagram: @girlbossanna // tag me on IG or use #girlbossanna so I can see how you use my tapes!
~YouTube: @girlbossanna