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Into the Woods Ink Collection
Into the Woods Ink Collection

Into the Woods Ink Collection

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It's another typical rainy day.
You're working out of a tiny corner of your bedroom.
'What time is it?', you wonder as your eyes hover over to the top right corner of your computer screen in search of it.
Eyes tired and attention span growing thinner by the hour, you look out the window in an attempt to give your eyes and brain a break.
There's a forest.
You let your imagination run wild.
What if...?
What if life were like a sci-fi fantasy novel?
What mystical creatures and adventures would await you?
What fairies or speaking rocks would you meet?
What powers would you have?
What if a handsome elf came through your bedroom door, took you by the hands and told you that you were destined for more than a desk job?
That everything you were destined for was waiting for you through a magical entryway through the woods?

Length: 6 meters
Height: 15mm

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