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Better Days 2022 Ink Collection
Better Days 2022 Ink Collection

Better Days 2022 Ink Collection

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I absolutely love going for walks during my breaks. It forces me out of my office environment and into the sun, fresh air, and nature.

I especially loved these walks when I was still working my day job. I remember there was one day that I completely DREADED coming into work. Every part of me wanted to leave. During my walk I wondered why I felt this way. ‘Wait,’ I thought, as I lifted up my watch wrist to look at the date: March 8th; that’s when it dawned on me. It had been exactly 3 months since I started my role, and I knew myself well enough to know that usually at the 3-month point of any role I’ve ever worked, I get bored and want to call it quits.

Feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled, I kept walking until I noticed this beautiful rainbow ray just glistening in the sunlight. I remembered what my boyfriend told me, “Think of this as just a means to an end, and not the end itself,” and reminded myself to keep taking things one step at a time, because there will be better days.


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-Each set includes 5x 15mm colored tapes
-Exclusively designed underlay tapes
-Tapes are matte vinyl and not washi quality. They must be cut with cutting tools, like scissors or A slice tool.
-If you would like to see how I personally used them in my planner spreads, visit my YouTube channel or Instagram @girlbossanna !

DIMENSIONS: Total length = 10 meters; Height = 15mm; Perforation = 38.1mm (1.5in)

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